PlayClaw 1.6 press release

PlayClaw Brings 100% DirectX 10 Compatibility to Record Video in New Games

Now players can use PlayClaw to record a video proof of their amazing gaming skills in DirectX 10 games.

October 19, 2009

Sytexis Software today announces PlayClaw 1.6, a game recorder tool to let players record full-motion video (with audio) in the background while they are playing a computer game. The new release brings full compatibility with DirectX 10, which enables PlayClaw to capture video in new great-looking DirectX 10 games. The PlayClaw application is available as a free demo atĀ

PlayClaw is the best option for recording video in games. Firstly, PlayClaw makes full use of multi-core processors, letting the gamer record video at HD resolutions without disruption of the gameplay during video recording, which often occurs with other game recorder applications. Smooth video capture is also achieved due to lean coding, which enables PlayClaw to record video in brilliant quality even when playing resource-hungry computer games. Secondly, PlayClaw records video using its own ad-hoc codecs, which have been specially optimized for recording realtime video. Thirdly, PlayClaw displays and records Teamspeak and Ventrillo overlays with the names of the players who are speaking at the moment. These exciting features are compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The video recorder has been designed in close collaboration with real gamers whose practical feedback manifests itself in its ease of use and gamer-oriented feature set. After installation, the player only needs to set hotkeys to start, pause, stop video recording and choose the output folder. Video recording can be started with a single touch of a button at any moment during the gameplay, paused and then resumed, letting the gamer record only the most exciting scenes. The captured video can then be played in any media player, or uploaded to a website like YouTube to show interesting exploits to other gamers, or just to share the excitement of the game.

PlayClaw is fully configurable to the gamer personal preferences. One can select low or high compression to reduce the size of the video, choose full or half frame size and specify recording speed, which can be anywhere from 15 to 60 frames per second. The latter option is especially helpful for slow computers. If the gameplay gets disrupted, the gamer may select a lower frame rate to achieve smoother recording. PlayClaw settings also allow the gamer to select the number of CPU cores, sound source. In addition, the program can display FPS counter overlaid on the screen, which is good for performing benchmarks and tuning the graphics system.

PlayClaw runs on Microsoft Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 and sells for 29.95 USD.

Watch the sample videos of Need For Speed Shift and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising at YouTube channelĀ

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