PlayClaw 1.9 press release

Sytexis Updates PlayClaw with Twice the Performance

New PlayClaw runs more than twice faster, offers updated plug-ins for Teamspeak 3 and fast video encoding.

June 16, 2010

Sytexis Software today announces PlayClaw 1.9 that delivers up to twice the performance of the previous version. Other new features that make recording game video more enjoyable include updated plug-ins for Teamspeak 3 and optimized video encoding that provides overall performance boost with CPU-highloaded games and large video frame sizes (HD, FullHD). PlayClaw is available today at

PlayClaw enables gamers to take screenshots and capture HD-quality video along with audio as they play a computer game to replay their most exciting gaming moment later, share them on YouTube, or post to a blog. Taking full advantage of modern multi-core processors and lean coding, PlayClaw ensures the highest quality video recording, without slowdowns and reduction of frames in the output. Another important specialty of the program is support for Teamspeak and Ventrilo overlays, allowing gamers to see who’s speaking at the moment, which is rather useful in multiplayer games. Overlays are compatible with the newest versions of Windows and graphic engines, letting gamers, for example, see overlays on computers driven by Microsoft Windows 7 with modern DirectX 11 graphics. To perform benchmarks, PlayClaw can also display the frames per second and overlay the FPS value onto screen shots. The placement of the FPS counter can be customized or disabled altogether.

Before recording the game with PlayClaw, the user needs to check if default settings are fine and change them if necessary. There are many options to set up. For example, the gamer can choose how many cores to dedicate to PlayClaw if the system is multi-core, select frame rate to be 15, 30, 60 frames per second, enable compression and set it to low or high level , and choose to capture full or half of the frame size. Captured video is saved to AVI using the dedicated codec that has been optimized for capturing game video. To save screenshots, PlayClaw allows choosing from several popular formats, such as BMP, TGA, PNG, and JPG.

To record game video, the user needs to run the game and press the predefined key to start recording. Video recording can be paused and resumed at any moment, letting the gamer capture only what he wants. Hot keys are fully configurable, so the user can bind whatever key he wants for capturing video and screen shots.

Sample video captured with PlayClaw can be viewed here:

Pricing and Availability

PlayClaw is available through the PlayClaw Store ( for the price of $29.95. Current users of the program can upgrade to the new version at no cost. The program has a 15-day demo that will watermark screen shots and videos. PlayClaw requires Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Seven (including x64 editions).

Note for editors

A free serial number for PlayClaw is provided to magazine editors, internet columnists, bloggers and webmasters, who will write a review of the program on their website, blog or column.