Let’s start with PlayClaw configuration

By the time the third version of the program of video recording from games PlayClaw appeared, the interface came in a modified and greatly simplified form. Or at least it may seem to be ex facte. The basic configurations can be done right after the program starts.Some of these options are quite obvious, such as selection of interface language, selection of folders to save the results of video capturing, screenshots and also the “classic” options, such as minimizing to tray or automatic start with Windows.

The new option that appeared in new version is a combination of buttons to activate PlayClaw in the game. You can specify a combination of two buttons on keyboard, mouse or joystick. What does it mean?

While running PlayClaw and the game, you can call the full interface of PlayClaw configurations right in the game (similar to Steam overlays). There you can make the configuration of video capture, audio capture, configuration of overlays and other.

Some of the available configurations in PlayClaw, can be done right here by clicking on basic settings of capture.

They are: selection of buttons of screenshots capture, start-stop of the video, codec format and FPS video file format, and also selection of sound sources and sound processing options.