Overlays configuration

Overlays are much better and easier to customize in-game, because it immediately allows you to see changes in their appearance, unlike the other settings. Attention – the current version of PlayClaw may appear slightly different from described herein. But the basics are valid for all versions.

PlayClaw supports an unlimited number of overlays.

The currently available overlays are: FPS display overlays, voice overlays (Teamspeak / Ventrilo), time overlay, the statistics of in AVI recording, performance of various GPU and CPU sensors (temperature, load, etc.). All of these overlays are built in and have text format. Future versions will expand opportunities due to external overlays (in the form of plug-ins that can write any programmer), and graphics overlays.

The global overlay enabling button allows you to instantly disable all overlays or turn them on again without exiting to PlayClaw settings.

All other settings are set separately for each overlay (overlay selection is in the list at left).Overlay can be turned on or off, also you can set the turned on overlay mapping in recorded video and screenshots.

When you click the “Set appearance” button PlayClaw switches to WYSIWYG mode (what you see is what you’ve got).

As an example we selected an FPS overlay, which is by default located in the upper left corner. When mouse is over the selected area of overlay, you can grab and drag it anywhere on the screen. You can also move all four boundaries of this area. In the central window you can select font, its size, and some of its parameters. You can also include the rendering of the overlay background by necessary color and transparency.

When you click the settings button a unique settings are opened for each overlay. They are all pretty simple and usually consist of a color selection or turning on / off any options. For example, for FPS display it is a selection of two colors of overlay symbols – the usual color and the color during the recording.