New fun stuff in Teamspeak 3 (version 3.0.6)

Teamspeak 3 client was updated to new 3.0.6 version yesterday with changing plugins API version to 16. Well, we’ve updated PlayClaw plugins (PlayClaw 3 build 2039) to make them compatible with new client. BUT!..

I’ve discovered one very interesting thing while recording Battlefield 3 gameplay. If I set “stereo conversion” option in PlayClaw audio settings then the final audio will not contain teamspeak 3 sounds! :)

Why? PlayClaw uses very simple conversion method – ripping multichannels. Or just removing all channels excepting front left and right. Before ts3 update (3.0.6) this operation did not remove teamspeak audio from final files because ts3 client rendered its sounds in these front left & right channels. Now it seems that ts3 client renders sounds to another channels (front center for example) and PlayClaw 3 just remove these sounds by ripping channels.┬áCheap and cheerful :)

But I cannot give you 100% guarantee that this will work on your system. Just try it…

I did my tests on: Battlefield 3 (2ch speaker ingame audio configuration), Windows 7 x64, USB Logitech G35 headset, Teamspeak 3 client 3.0.6 version.