Win Diablo 3 key or PlayClaw license!

Welcome to first PlayClaw game video capture contest! Take part in our contest and you’ll be able to win free Diablo 3 key or/and free PlayClaw license!

How to enter PlayClaw contest?

1. Download special custom build of PlayClaw, install it, configure. You can read more about software settings and configuration here

2. Start killing monsters in Diablo 3 :)

3. With the help of PlayClaw record video with your best kill streak. Upload video to your youtube account and send us the URL of your video via @PlayClaw twitter or PlayClaw facebook

It is important!

Your video must be recorded with customized PlayClaw version and must contain PlayClaw watermark in left-top corner (this version will place it automatically).

Your video must be at least in HD quality (720p).

Your video must contain your kill streak and high score like on this picture:

How to enter Diablo 3 giveaway?

1. Like us on Facebook if you haven’t already.

2. Set your Facebook status as “I want free Diablo 3 license from PlayClaw – must-have tool for gamers”

3. Tag us in your status! If you don’t know how to do that on Facebook, it’s just like Twitter – when you go to type out “PlayClaw” start with an @ symbol. As you’re typing, a dropdown box will appear and you can click to select us from the list.

Also, please be sure to allow everyone to see your status update if your privacy settings don’t already allow it – otherwise we can’t see your entry!

The contest runs from today through May 31, so get your submissions in by then! We’ll be judging your entries after the 31th. Information about winners will be published in next 7 days (1-7 June).

The best “killers” will get free PlayClaw licenses, one random user will get Diablo 3 code.


List of applicants’ videos (we update it manually):