PlayClaw 4 press release

New PlayClaw 4 with More Powerful Video Capture Features for Games

Leader in the game video capture and stills display industry, PlayClaw is giving their customers more power than ever! For gamers, both hardcore and casual, the ability to display moves, tactics and strategies to multiple viewers, is of paramount importance. While versions of PlayClaw in use today have given this facility to its users, the company has developed and released an upgraded PlayClaw 4 that rivals any game video capture software on the market to-date.

The biggest problem faced by gamers, is the high consumption of CPU power when running games simultaneously with game video still software. The displays have been negatively affected, rendering them choppy, distorted and often stuck. While PlayClaw has always made light work of managing CPU power effectively without affecting display, their product upgrade promises this and many more valuable options to eager gamers. Some of the features that users can look forward to are new to the industry, but were certainly in high demand.

Each game can now enjoy multiple settings profile. For example, some gamers want to record certain games in high-def, and other games in low-def. Don’t get stuck with fixed settings! Enjoy the flexibility of creating multiply profiles with different settings for the different games you play, inclusive of video captures, audio settings, overlays and everything else a gamer can think of.
Another exciting feature is the integrated ability to extend the functionality of your own unique plug-in software. PlayClaw 4 empowers hobbyists/enthusiasts with a framework to create custom overlays. See all the information needed, easily, without having to tab-out in the throes of your gaming experience.

No web cam? No problem! Many gamers are limited to the sites they can stream their games on because of web cam prerequisites. Stream the game with PlayClaw’s virtual camera capabilities, and never be left out of the loop on websites that make web-cam live streaming, mandatory.

Chat without confusion! TeamSpeak and Ventrilo are a couple of gamers’ go-to audio assets. But when in multi-player mode, it’s difficult to keep track of just who is who. With PlayClaw’s Voice Avatar function, it is now possible to assign an image to a nickname, for easier graphic recognition.

Additionally, an important feature for the modern pc gamer, PlayClaw 4 can be seamlessly integrated into any OS, since it works directly with DirectX/OpenGL Libraries. Specifically for gamers who function on the Windows 8 platform, the program has been tried and tested and proven compatible.

PlayClaw senior developer, Edward Kozadaev, says “The gaming industry is extremely dynamic and we appreciate the limitations that many gamers face when it comes to streaming and networking. With PlayClaw 4, we’ve solved and eliminated every perceivable problem. Gaming with groups is going to be much more fun for everyone!”

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