Audio Capture Settings

Almost all audio capture settings can be configured in the main window. However, you can see the most complete list of settings only in a game by pressing a definite hotkey combination to open Playclaw (you can create hotkeys for this action in the main window). Note that the current version of Playclaw can differ slightly from the one described here, but the main information is true for all versions. Continue reading

PlayClaw 2.0 press release

Never Miss That Perfect Game Moment with Pre-Recording

Gamers who ever wished they had a time machine to take them back before that perfect moment of the game they failed to record are in for luck. Playclaw 2.0 introduces pre-recording, as well as three other new features. Continue reading

PlayClaw 1.5 press release

New PlayClaw Delivers More Powerful Screen-Grabbing Features for Games

The newest version of the screen-grabbing tool for games captures direct audio in Windows Vista in the multichannel mode, offers better performance of video codecs and enhanced visualization of Teamspeak overlays.

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PlayClaw 1.2 press release

Sytexis Software Launches PlayClaw to Help Players Capture Screen Shots and Record Video in Games with Zero Impact on Computer Performance
Sytexis Software is offering gamers a new screen-grabbing application that makes full use of multi-core CPUs to capture screen shots and full-motion video from a computer game in brilliant quality and without slowdowns. Now players can preserve their virtual victories and share them with others easily.

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