How to access PlayClaw 5 Steam beta channel

If you would like to get the latest changes and do not want to wait for stable release, do following:
In Steam client open software page, select PlayClaw. Right mouse button click, select Properties. Select Betas tab, in password field (1) enter playclawbeta, click Check code button. Then select beta channel in combo box (2).


Then switch to Local Files tab (3). Click to Delete Local Application Content (4).


Close properties, install PlayClaw again – PlayClaw beta will be installed.

Game Video Capture. The ideal codec.

Let us begin with the conclusion – there is no such thing as an ideal codec!
Different video capture utilities have a different ways (codecs) of compressing video in real time and, of course, each utility is supplied by developers as the so called perfect / correct solution.
I’ll try to provide briefly explain what happens in the modern world of real-time capture and compress. Continue reading