New fun stuff in Teamspeak 3 (version 3.0.6)

Teamspeak 3 client was updated to new 3.0.6 version yesterday with changing plugins API version to 16. Well, we’ve updated PlayClaw plugins (PlayClaw 3 build 2039) to make them compatible with new client. BUT!..

I’ve discovered one very interesting thing while recording Battlefield 3 gameplay. If I set “stereo conversion” option in PlayClaw audio settings then the final audio will not contain teamspeak 3 sounds! :) Continue reading

How to set up Teamspeak 3 overlays

To make PlayClaw show overlays with the names of players, you need to make a few simple things in Teamspeak 3.

The new version of the voice communication software Teamspeak 3 has undergone serious changes and the old method to enable overlays does not work any longer. You need to copy the plugin for Teamspeak to the plugin directory and then activate it. Continue reading